January 21, 2018
Then and Now, The Tropicana Juice Train
In 1970, Tropicana changes its shipping to the northeast.  It began shipping its orange juice by rail.  From a once a week shipment, today Tropicana ships 10 to 12 trains to Kearny and Cincinnati.

This painting, “Then and Now, The Tropicana Juice Train” celebrates 45 great years of the Tropicana Juice Train.  This fantasy image of “The Juice Train”, a 1970’s UBoat led version headed north while a GEVO pulling empties south on the bridge over the Manatee River is a one of a kind image of this great unit train.  If you’re a train fan who loves the juice train, a modeler who recreates it meticulously or anyone in between this print is for you.

Archival and standard prints are available.  The archival print is 18” x 24” in size and costs only $175.  Standard prints are 11” x 14” and cost $80.  Shipping is an additional $20 for the archival print and $12 for the standard print.

Order your copy of this print today.  Proceeds of the sale of the painting will be used to offset the costs of future Sunshine Region programs and our 2017 National Convention effort.  You can order here or send a check to Dan Cioffi, 4460 Ironwood Cir. 303, Bradenton, FL  34209.