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January 21, 2018
Hands On Workshop Tools and Supplies
Building a Laser Cut Section House, with Allen Crowley, or Building a Laser Cut Interlocking Tower, with Lee B. Weiss
1. Sharp pencil
2. Cutting Mat
3. 6” min HO or Inch scale ruler
4. Approx 80 grit sand paper
5. Emery board
6. X-Acto type handle with:
7. Sharp #11 blade
8. Sharp #17 Chisel end blade
9. Assorted-sized Tweezers (fine end, flat end, etc)
10. CA type adhesive (Not ACC Super Glue)
11. Small bottle of White Glue
12. Several Applicators for applying small amounts of glue (straight pins, T-pins, Tooth picks)
13. Several wood-type Clothespins or other small clamps
14. Walthers Goo (Helpful but not necessary)
15. Track Gauge (Optional)
16. Optivisor or magnifier (Optional)

Building Billboards with Mike Collins, MMR
1. Emery board
2. X-Acto type handle with:
3. Sharp #11 blade
4. Sharp #17 Chisel end blade
5. Tweezers (fine end, flat end, etc.)
6. Small bottle of White Glue
7. Several Applicators for applying small amounts of glue (straight pins, T-pins, Tooth picks)
8. Optivisor or magnifier (Optional)

Steam or Diesel Loco Weathering with Jim Gore, MMR
1. Tools to disassemble shells (if needed)
2. Paint Brushes (a selection of small to medium, round and flat, for painting and weathering)

Decals with Doc Chait, MMR
1. Tweezers, flat end
2. Small Sharp Scissors

Building a Proto 2000 Gondola Kit with Pipe Load w/Gil Thomas
1. One pair of tweezers
2. One sprue cutter or Xacto #5 Knife.
3. Zap A Gap or CA glue
4. One pair of Kadee couplers (based on preference)
5. One pin vise with several drill bits
6. One set of jeweler's screw drivers
7. Optivisor or magnifier (Optional)

Making Trees using Goldenrod and Super Trees w/Jim Robertson & Bob Krebs
1. Small (6" or 7") Scissors
2. Small Pointed Tweezers
3. Optivisor or magnifier (Optional)