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January 21, 2018
What's Happening in the Sunshine Region Northern Division

The Northern Division is for Members of the NMRA in the Northern Part of Florida.
Our Gatherings and Other Activities are posted in The Event Calendar at the bottom of the page.

Quaraterly Gatherings
Each quarter we gather at a Jacksonville or other Division location for a Saturday.  Other additional locations have also been used recognizing the large area covered by the Division.  Many members do travel an hour or more for our gatherings.  The doors open at 9 am for set up and viewing models brought in for display and the agenda starts at 10 am.  Each of these gatherings include a short discussion of business, club updates and future plans.  Workshops are the main part of the agenda and we usually have two presentations on a model railroad topic each gathering.  We finish by 3 pm.  

Show, Tell, Tips and Tricks
This part of the quarterly gatherings is an opportunity information exchange and viewing displayed projects that have been started or completed.  Some modelers also display tools, jigs or special discoveries.  No item is too small or too large to be displayed and used to entertain or help others.  We have had multiple modular layout sections, ships and boats as well as many structures, locomotives and cars in different scales.  

Operating Sessions
Several members in the Division have hosted model railroad operating session.  Additional sessions are planned and please let Eric or Richard know you are interested in operations.  You do not have to have a layout or experience.  This is being done for the fun of operations and learning about yard and industrial switching.  Simple main line operation can also be included.

Layout Open Houses
The fall 2015 Sunshine Region Convention in Jacksonville included visits to a variety of good layouts in the Jacksonville area.  Some layout open houses are expected each year.  Additional requests to visit individual layouts are accomodated whenever possible.  

Train Shows
The Northern Division often has a table at train shows in the area to update members and provide information about the NMRA to others.  It is always great to talk with other model railroaders and some display models on the table often are good conversation starters.  We also have added many new members because of these outreach efforts.  The Northern Division does not operate or host any train shows open to the public.

All Scales Are Welcome
Model railroading is a great hobby regardless of scale, prototype railroad interest, layout or special interest.  We have active members modeling in HO, O, G and N and other scales are surely represented within the group.

There are a variety of clubs in the area.  Each gathering includes a "Club Updates" part of the agenda so club members can update other modelers in the area and exchange information about activities and interests.  Clubs are an important part of model railroading activities in the Northern Division.  Club and NMRA membership is a good combination.

Fellowship and Helping others
I learned watching my Dad as a model railroader active in NMRA and a local "Round Robin" group the best part of model railroad is the new friends that turn into life long friends.  I have enjoyed the same social aspects of the hobby.  It is also a great feeling to have friends in the area to ask for help and to be able to help others.  When visiting and working at another person's layout it is very satisfying to focus on one project and not be distracted as I am at home by the other things I want to do.  The concentration opportunity provides an escape as well as a sense of accomplishment.  It is also always great to call others for help when we need one more part, a little more material, use of a specal tool or to just get some more ideas on how to approach part of a modeling project.  

Come and join us to get to know other model railroaders in the Northeast Florida area.  For more information please contact:
Eric G. Peterson,, 904-292-2630

The Northern Division meets quarterly in the Jacksonville area for NMRA members and guests.