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January 21, 2018
About Sunshine Region

Sunshine Region was created in 1950 when the State of Florida was split off from the National Model Railroad Association’s Southeastern Division.  Since that time, the geographical area of Florida West of Tallahassee has left Sunshine Region and opted to re-join The NMRA’s Southeastern Region.

Membership in Sunshine Region is automatic based on the definition of Sunshine Region’s geographical boundaries in the NMRA Executive Handbook.  Sunshine Region is comprise of four Divisions:

  • The Northern Division covers an area roughly from Tallahassee to Gainesville extending east to Daytona and Jacksonville.

  • The Eastern Division covers an area from Deland and south of Daytona to Orlando south to St Lucie County

  • The Southern Division covers Southeast Florida from Martin County to Miami-Date to the Florida Keys.

  • The Western Division covers an area on the West Coast from Naples & Marco Island north to Ocala.It extends eastward into Desoto, Hardee and Polk Counties.

As defined in the NMRA Executive Handbook any NMRA member may attend any NMRA sanctioned event in any Division.

Sunshine Region hosts an annual model railroad convention in the fall (as defined in the Region bylaws).  The convention moves to a different location within the Region allowing us to showcase examples of outstanding modeling my all our members.  Conventions may offer a combination of hands on modeling workshops, traditional lecture seminars and offsite tours to railroad and industrial facilities.  The convention is capped by a Saturday night dinner where dining courses inspired by the railroad dining car menus from the golden age of railroading.  On Sunday morning a General Membership Meeting is held immediately followed by a Board of Directors meeting.

The leadership of Sunshine Region is comprised of a Board of Directors with Four Officers and the each of the Division Superintendents.  The Immediate Past President is also a member of the Board of Directors.  Elections for the complete Board of Directors along with each Division’s Secretary Treasurer are held in late summer in even numbered years.

In addition to setting policy and providing governance the Board acts as a Working Board; implementing the policies defined by board actions.  The Board of Directors normally meets several times a year the Sunday morning immediately following one of several at Region or Division events held in the Region.

The Board is supported by our Committee Chairman and their volunteer staff.  You can see the list of current Board Members and Committee Chairman by clicking the link below.

In July and August 2017 Sunshine Region will host its third National Model Railroad Association National Convention in Orlando.  Previously Sunshine Region hosted conventions in Orlando in 1980 and in Ft. Lauderdale in 2000.

Sunshine Region has an active, busy and exciting future ahead of it.  We welcome all model railroaders to our many events and activities in the Region.  Welcome Aboard