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January 21, 2018
Judged Model Contests
  1. General Definition - Terms, procedures and conditions which entrants and entries, judges and staff must follow.  Additional requirements may be found in the Contest Events, Code of Conduct and Eligibility & Entry sections.
  2. Events
    1. Judged Model Contest
      1. Definition - Competitive events for models: all entires are technically judged by teams of experienced judges using a point scoring system.
      2. Scale -€“ All models shall be judged separately in each classification and category without regard to scale.
      3. Classifications
        1. Scratch Built - This class is intended for models built largely from basic or scratch materials. However, any model may be included in this classification.  The decision is up to the entrant.  Entries in the scratch built class are eligible for full point scores on all factors including scratch built which has a maximum score of 15 points for a total of 125 points
        2. Kit Built - This classification is intended for models comprised of more than 50% kit or largely commercial parts to allow them to compete with similarly built models rather than typically higher scoring scratch built models.  However, any model may be included in this classification.  The decision is up to the entrant.  Entries in this classification are eligible for full point scores on all factors except scratch built which is limited to 8 points for a total of 118 points
      4. Categories
        1. Steam Locomotives -€“ All types of locomotives powered by steam. The model must include an electric motor or other means of propulsion and be capable of operation to be eligible for the category
        2. Diesel & Other Locomotives -€“ All other types of locomotives except those powered by steam and passenger revenue carrying types. The model must include an electric motor or other means of propulsion and be capable of operation to be eligible for the category. In the case of multiple joined locomotives, at least one of the units must be powered.
        3. Passenger Cars -€“ All types of passenger revenue carrying equipment, including coaches, observation, mail baggage cars as well as powered rail buses and RDC cars. Express reefers are included.
        4. Freight Cars - All types of freight revenue carrying cars, not including express reefers.
        5. Caboose -€“ All types, including traditional, bobbers, drovers, and transfers type.
        6. Non-Revenue -€“ Right-of-way, track maintenance vehicles, rail and inspection cars, railroad cranes and others not considered directly involved in revenue service.
        7. Traction -€“ All equipment associated with urban, suburban and interurban electrically powered railroads.
        8. Structures €- This category is intended for all individual structures or buildings either on-line or off-line; however, also includes non-powered locomotives, ship models, cars and trucks, track components such as switches and diamonds and other unusual models that do not fit within other categories at the discretion of the Contest Chair.  Multiple structures such as a house and garage must be physically connected to be considered a single structure.  Likewise any detail not in, on or otherwise connected to the single structure will not be considered during the judging.  A single structure contained within a display may be entered in the structure category in which case only that structure will be judged.
        9. Display - Scenes or dioramas which may include multiple structures, locomotives, rolling stock, scenery elements and other detail.  All elements will be judged as a part of the entire scene.  Note: judgment of models in this category has nothing to do with the Master Builder Scenery requirement of the Achievement Program.
      5. Forms
        1. Model Contest Entry Form #901
        2. Model Contest Judge's Score Sheet #902
    2. People's Choice Awards
      1. Definition - Competitive event for models, and photos:  All entries are judged by the popular vote of convention attendees.
      2. Categories
        1. Favorite Train
        2. Locomotive (all types)
        3. Rolling Stock (all types)
        4. Caboose
        5. Structure
        6. Display
        7. Photo Match (model)
        8. Model Print (Photo)
        9. Prototype Print (Photo)
        10. Thumbs (humorous model)
      3. Forms
        1. Model Contest Entry Form #901
    3. Model Showcase
      1. Definition - Non-competitive display events for models and photos complete or in process.
      2. Forms
        1. Model Contest Entry Form #901
    4. Photo Contest
      1. Definition - Competitive event for photographs: all entries are judges by a team of experienced judges using a complex ranking system.  (See Photo Contest Judging Guidelines.)
      2. Additional Requirements - In addition to the general requirements listed under the General Contest information the following also apply.
        1. Photos produced using either film or digital cameras are permitted.
        2. Each entrant shall be limited to a maximum of ten (10) entries with a maximum of five (5) entires in one category.
        3. Prints shall be mountd on flat, rigid board or matted with similas material.  No folders or glass frames are allowed.  Photo and mount shall not exceed 12" x 16" (30cm x 40cm) in size.  Minimum mount size is 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) and minimum print size is 5" x 7" (13cm x 18cm).
        4. A Panorama print photograph will be defined as any photo whose width exceeds the dimensions listed above by a factor of two, three, or four (such as 5" x 14", 5" x 21", 5" x 28") and is limited in height to 8".
        5. Prints shall have entrant's name on the back.  Prints may be titled on the front.  Prints with entrant's name on the front will not be accepted.
        6. Exposure of the original slide or photo must have been made by the entrant and cannot have won a first palce at any previous National Convention.
      3. Categories - Each entry shall be placed in one of the following categories:
        1. Model - Black & White Print
        2. Model - Color Print
        3. Prototype - Black & White
        4. Prototype - Color
        5. Working on the Railroad
        6. Panorama Print
        7. Display Only - Not to be judged
      4. Forms
        1. Model Contest Entry Form #901