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January 21, 2018
1. General - Awards are presented to the winners of the
    competitive events in recognition of their excellence in
    modeling and photography. First Place Awards are
    plaques, Second and Third Place are Certificates.  
    Modelers may also earn enough points for merit awards
    in the Achievement Program are issued by SSR
    AP Chair, generally at the Convention.
    The Best In Show goes to the best model in the
    judged model contest. When that model had been
    identified as the highest point scoring model, it is removed from the first place in its
    category as it has attained a higher level of recognition
    than any model in any category. The second place is
    then moved to the first, the third to the second, etc.

2. Judged Model Contest
    A. Place Awards - First, second and third place awards are
       given to models in each of the nine categories
       as shown below in accordance with the ranking of their point
       scores. One complete set is given for the scratch built
       classification and one complete set for the kit built
       classification. Models not achieving a place award but
       attaining a score of 87.5 or more points are given an
       honorable mention. All models achieving 87.5 or more
       points are eligible for a merit award except for the scene
       or diorama category for which there is no merit award.
             I.     Steam Locomotives
             II.    Diesel & Other Locomotives
            III.    Passenger
            IV.   Freight Cars
             V.   Caboose
            VI.   Non-Revenue
           VII.   Traction
          VIII.   Structures
            IX.   Display

    B. Special SSR Awards -
              I.  Sunshine Region Presidents Award

3. Photo Contest
    A. Place Awards - First, second and third place awards are
         given to photographs in accordance with their ranking in the
         following categories: (all awards presented are Certificates):
              I.  Model black & white print
             II.  Prototype black & white print
            III.  Model color print
           IV.  Prototype color print
            V.  Working on the railroad theme
    B. Special Awards
             I.   Best Fan Trip Award (Certificate Awarded)
            II.   Best Panorama Award (Certificate Awarded)
            III.  Best Special Effects Award (Certificate Awarded)
            IV.  Best Photo of Show Award (Give as a Best Photo in Show Plaque)